By Stéphanie Chicoine

Born in Montreal, Stéphanie moved to the Eastern Townships to enjoy the joys of the region. Melomane and Epicurean, she cultivates her passions by writing for Voir, Dînette magazine and the CLD of Brome-Missisquoi among others.

- DECEMBER 2017 -

5 must-stop shops for your holiday shopping

Are you the type that dreads the holiday season because of multiple stressful trips to shopping centers? #KabinSutton invites you to our neck of the woods, for a holiday shopping experience in the beautiful Sutton village filled with fun finds.


For those of you who flip over eco-chic fashion and Quebec designers, Urbaine des Champs is the place to break your lil’ piggy bank! You can find clothing from several renowned designers such as Eve Gravel, Melissa Nepton, Yoga Jeans and Dinh Ba, as well as the classic Blundstone boots. The perfect store to renew your wardrobe or find the perfect outfit for your Christmas party.

Urbaine des Champs

2, rue Principale Sud, Sutton

Photo credit: Urbaine des Champs' Facebook page


When I think of knitting and wool, both are synonymous with comfort, happiness, and warmth. A bit like #KabinSutton. LOL. Mont-Tricot will delight all knitting enthusiasts as much as newcomers who wish to indulge in this hobby. You will find an incredible selection of wool, books and accessories, in addition to some really cozy clothes. Locals and anyone who loves Sutton can attend workshops of all kinds, regardless of experience level.


20-K, rue Principale Nord, Sutton

Photo credit: MONT TRICOT's Facebook page


A delight to gourmets and gastronomists everywhere, this kitchen and home accessories shop, paired with a mini gourmet grocery store, is a must. Everything is arranged just so and enhanced with such beauty, that it is impossible to leave the shop without having a bag in hand (or two or three!) filled with exclusive items from here and elsewhere.


14, rue Principale Sud, Sutton

Photo credit: atelier-bouffe's Facebook page


Since its founding in 2011, the Cinetik boutique has delighted outdoor sports fans with biking and hiking rental equipment such as; bikes, fatbike, crampons, and snowshoe skis, as well as its repair shop. Its selection of clothing and accessories are beyond the regular finds at big box stores.
We also love Cinetik for its outstanding customer service! A must when you visit Sutton!


12, rue Principale Nord, Sutton

Photo credit: Cinetik's Facebook page


In small pots, you find the best ointments. The Passion Herbale team's mission is to help people feel good about themselves. All products are free of chemical preservatives or additives. Their variety of products is quite impressive, whether it be for the face, hair, or body. Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Well, there's even a line specifically designed for you in mind, with lip balms, antifogging cream, and sunscreen.

Passion Herbale

10-3, rue Principale Nord, Sutton

Photo credit: Passion Herbale's Facebook page

Well there is no lack of options here in finding the perfect gift for your loved one! And if I can afford to recommend one last gift, the one that falls perfectly in the category of "me to me", why not give yourself the gift of a few days off at KABIN Sutton? Happy Holidays!

- NOVEMBER 2017 -


At KABIN Sutton, we love Netflix and chilling as much as you do. That's why, we thought it essential to add an Apple TV to the television in your room. Through your select Apple device (iPad, MacBook, iPhone), you can listen to your favourite music or even watch Netflix from the comfort of your cozy bed. Want to watch a good movie, a documentary or a TV series during your stay with us? No need to search too far, here are some suggestions!


Charlie Chaplin said that a "a day without laughter is a day wasted,” He is right. So go ahead, enjoy your few days with us with gut wrenching laughter thanks to classic sitcoms such as The Office, Friends or How I Met Your Mother. Feel like a discovering something new? Try Grace and Frankie, an adorable series exclusively produced by Netflix that tells the story of Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin) who learn over dinner that their respective husbands want a divorce because they have been secretly in love with each other for years. Watch as this improbable friendship unfolds between a hippie art teacher and a woman who founded her own cosmetics business. And if you like a good action movie, you must watch Guardians of the Galaxy. Watch this explosive marriage between action and humour, while diving into the pop culture of the 70s and 80s.


On my first stay at KABIN Sutton, I binge watched the excellent documentary series Chef's Table. Through this series that has us travel all over the world, we get to know starred chefs like Michelin, as well as the chefs who are revolutionizing gastronomy in their corner of country. Each episode made me want to get on a plane to travel and taste the decadent dishes of these culinary artists. Three seasons of Chef's Table are available online, in addition to a special series dedicated to French chefs (Chef's Table: France).


In Sutton, a few minutes drive from our SHAKs, you will find the spectacular vineyard the Chapelle Ste Agnes which stands out for its Romanesque chapel, medieval cellars, and eighteen terraces supported by massive stone walls. The European influences make it so majestic that even yoga studios organize outdoor yoga sessions. In short, this is not only the place to empty the mind but to fill the spirit with ice wines of international fame.


2565 Scenic Road, Sutton

Photo credit: Tourisme Cantons-de-l'Est


It is impossible to do the Wine Route without making a stop at the Orpailleur vineyard. Why, you ask? First of all, this incredible team has been diligently working since 1982 creating quality products and showcasing the wine-making process of Québec. L'Orpailleur has also won over 140 medals around the world, enough to make Olympic champions blush! All the products are excellent, but I admit that I have a weakness for the Orpailleur Gris, as well as the Part des Anges; a perfect wine for dessert or aperitif!


1086 Bruce Street, Dunham,

Photo credit: Facebook page of the Orpailleur


You probably know about ice cider because Quebec is probably the best producer of this tasty nectar for many moons now. And what if we say “Fire Cider?” UNION LIBRE can certainly boast of being the first producer of this divine nectar. The Fire Cider owes its flavours thanks to the process of fermentation of heat-concentrated apple must.

It is then aged in oak barrels. The result? A sassy product with an explosion of flavour, fantastic with chocolate or cheeses. I also am crazed for their hopped cider which is perfect for an autumn evening in the spa at one of our SHAKs!


1047 Bruce Street, Dunham

Photo credit: Facebook page of Union Libre


I love this place for many reasons, for its terrace offering a spectacular panoramic view of the area, to tasting their wines, ciders, juices and vermouth, enough to create a addiction to this visit! For a picnic, a wedding, a date, or simply a good time in good company, the Val Caudalies vineyard is just awesome.


4921 Principale Street, Dunham

Photo credit: Facebook page of Val Caudalies


For its 18-hectare playground that makes us want to stay forever, for the view, for its friendly staff, to discovering the Brome Lake region, but above all, its vintage Charlotte and Julien. The Leon Courville vineyard is a must see.


285 Brome Road, Brome Lake

Photo credit: Facebook page of Leon Courville

If you lack the time to fully visit each vineyard, or wish to stay close to your SHAK,not to worry. Thanks to the Mont SUTTON Autumn Festival, the Wine Route comes to you with kiosks full of absolutely divine products to delight your taste buds. Great before or after the fall colors chairlift experience in the Mont Sutton.

- AUGUST 2017 -

Aquatic Activities in the Eastern Townships

Close your eyes and think about your future vacation. Your stay at KABIN Sutton of course and the weather is beautiful. It's late summer (or a hot autumn day), everything goes like clockwork and you feel rested. You have taken full advantage of Sutton's microbreweries and restaurants and you have strolled behind our SHAKS along the splendid hiking trail. Perhaps you have even practiced mountain biking or simply chilled and watched Netflix back in your room. But what about a canoe or kayak ride? Perhaps a little dip in the water or an intoduction to paddle boarding? Here is a list of our favorite water activities during your stay with us. All aboard!

Row, Row, Row Your...

Located in the heart of the Missisquoi Valley, in a small secluded corner of Sutton, Canoe & Co has been supporting kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding lovers (and novices!) for the past 15 years.

Two courses are available , one of 10 kilometers and one of 15 kilometers. It is worth noting that the Canoe & Co descents are part of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, a 1,200 km path that trails 22 different rivers and streams across 56 lakes and ponds in the United States and Quebec. The company offers 3 to 5 departures with shuttle bus from May to October. Boat rentals are also available on site. Want to watch the sunset or a walk in the moonlight? Book a guided tour!


Photo Credit: Canoe & Co Facebook Page

Yoga on Water

Yoga Adept? Need a little challenge once you have mastered downward dog? Why not register for an Introduction to SUP Yoga course! For just over an hour, instructor Marie-Claude Lord invites you to a heavenly place in Dunham for a session that will do you as much good physically, as mentally. Maybe you will discover new muscles after your introduction to SUP? Warning: Yoga SUP is addictive!


Photo Credit: La Yoga Pause Facebook Page

Hiking and Taking a Dip

On Réal Road, a few minutes drive from our SHAKS, is the starting point of Sutton's Natural Park (P.E.N.S.). Once your entrance fee is paid, let yourself be tempted by a memorable hike, marked by the splendor of the landscapes. For the hiking regulars, the path to the Mohawk Lake is a must where we can take a moment to indulge ourselves with a dip in the lake to simply relax and refresh. In addition, the trip to Lake Spruce is well worth a visit.


Photo Credit: Journal de Montreal

Water Slides and More

The Bromont water park is a mountain of experiences and has been popular with families and enthusiasts for many years, and with good reason! One enters and leaves this park with a smile from ear to ear and a heart filled to the rim with joy. Whether child or an adult young at heart, there is something for everyone; the water slides, the swimming pool with giant waves, or the many various water activites.


Photo Credit: Bromont, montagne d'expériences

We hope that these suggestions will serve as a guide to planning your vacation in our beautiful region of the Eastern Townships! And if you are looking for other suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

- JUNE - JULY 2017 -


Because of our location, Kabin Sutton is the perfect place to plan your summer vacation and enjoy a wide range of activities in the area. Whether you have a taste for cycling, art, or wine, the Eastern Townships is “THE” spot this summer!

Here is a list of some key events near our SHAKs.



Sutton Museum (MCHS)

June 3rd to October 9th, 2017

Each year, the Museum offers unique and enriching exhibitions for the whole family. As of June 3rd, two exhibitions are open to the curious. Vélo Sutton; a tribute to the sport of cycling that is popular with the locals, will be celebrating 50 years of Cycling in Québec. At the same time, the Museum will present a series of works signed by Garnotte on the subject of cycling.

Sutton's Museum


Mount Sutton

June 17th,18th, 24th and 25th, 2017

Another completely crazy race where you test your intelligence and your ability to work as a team. Combining an obstacle course and escape games, “Call of Valhalla” wants to wake up the Viking in you!

Call of Valhalla


Mount Sutton

June 23rd to 25th, 2017

Sanctioned by the Fédération québécoise des sports cyclistes (FQSC), La Coupe des Amériques is an event that we look forward to. It is the perfect opportunity to admire the cream of the master competitors 30 and over, where they will partake in three exhilarating stages: the return of the climb, the time trial, as well as the road race. And the latter will cycle right near Kabin Sutton!

Coupe des Amériques


Brome-Missisquoi Region

July 8th and 9th , 2017

The Wine Route has an excellent reputation among wine, cider and spirits enthusiasts. A chance to discover or reconnect with the wine and cider growers of our region, as they open the doors for visitors to learn and in some taste test these divine nectars.

The Wine Route


Sutton and surrounding aras

July 15th to 23rd, 2017

Meet some of forty artists directly in their workshops as you travel the roads of the region. Meet ceramists, painters, sculptors, and cabinet makers and stay for the evening for one of the many shows offered nearby.

Tour des arts


Olympic Equestrian Park Bromont

July 26th to August 6th 2017

For horse lovers, International Bromont is the only international jumping event in Quebec and the most important competition for horseback riding and jumping in the province!

International Bromont


Mount Sutton Chalet Altitude 400

July 29th, 2017

The Federation of Swiss Societies of Eastern Canada and Mont Sutton invite you to this unique festival to discover Swiss culture! Among the activities offered are: children's games, folklore activities, Swiss wrestling, and dancing until the wee hours of the morning!

Mount Sutton


Bromont Village

August 25th to 27th, 2017

An array of artists gather in the old village of Bromont for a weekend, transforming the village into a gigantic open-air art gallery. Free entry!

Bromont en art

- APRIL - MAY 2017 -


When I think of the things that do a lot of good to my body and soul, several things come to mind; an outdoor walk, a getaway at KABIN Sutton, a compilation of my favourite songs, a soothing bowl of café latte with chocolate. It is with the latter in mind that I recommend you try these must spots near KABIN Sutton.


Chocolaterie Muriel

Just the word "chocolate" makes me hungry. Norka Muriel creates sumptuous chocolate creations with finesse and gusto. His chocolates are so good that even Chef Philippe Mollé has ruled that Ms. Muriel's hot chocolate is "the best hot chocolate available in Quebec". What a compliment! Once you finish your hot chocolate, be sure to purchase from a variety of chocolates, fudge, or delectable cakes.

8, Main Street, Sutton

Chocolaterie Muriel

Le Comptoir du Marchand de Thé

Owner Jonathan Morel is a tea enthusiast - actually, he really loves tea! Yes, this is “The” Jonathan Morel who offered classes at the famous Camellia Sinensis!

He delights all tea lovers with his varied offer, whatever the preference. Teas can be enjoyed on site or can be purchased for take-out. And if you are looking for a new cup to savor the tea infusion of your choice, know that you can buy cups and bowls on spot. We love that the cups and bowls are made from local artisans!

17 Main Street North, Sutton

Le Comptoir du Marchand de Thé

Le Cafetier Sutton

When I spend the weekend at Kabin Sutton, eating at Le Cafetier Sutton is simply a must. My taste buds deserve the best! My classic breakfast combo is a tasty café latte along with eggs Benedictine. Be sure to like and follow @LeCafetier on Facebook, as the team keeps its fans up-to-date with daily specials and novelties to taste!

9 Main Street North, Sutton

Le Cafetier Sutton


The Chocolate Museum

A boutique, a museum, and restaurant; the Chocolate Museum caters to all who are completely gaga for chocolate in all its forms. When I stop in at the restaurant, I always order pancakes with a bittersweet hot chocolate. I'm drooling just thinking about this gourmet duo. Yum!

The Chocolate Museum is one of my favourite places to go after a day of skiing. It is comforting, warm, and friendly. On exit, I am always sure to buy a few chocolate treats just to keep my taste buds going!

679, rue Shefford, Bromont

The Chocolate Museum

Café 1792

Café 1792 is one of the most Instagrammable places in Bromont. And with good reason, the interior is so beautiful. A bit like our Kabin SHAKS ;-). And the team is so nice!

Got a craving? No worries, an array of sandwiches and desserts await you.

715, rue Shefford, Bromont

Café 1792


Les Sucreries de L'Érable

I swear, this old general store converted into a café offers the best maple pie in the universe. A stop here is a must for me after a road trip to Vermont or after a short stint of quebecois wine tasting on the Wine Route. If you do not a love maple products, no problem, you can treat yourself to a variety of locally produced food and other sweet delights. You will not be disappointed. Bon appétit!

16 Main Street, Frelighsburg

Les Sucreries de L'Érable



A new addition to our beautiful area has recently surfaced – L’Archipel. As mentioned on their webpage, the Archipelago's mission is to offer a healthy menu for both body and soul, using local and organic food as often as possible. It offers a vegetarian and vegan menu, and includes poultry options along with a rotating menu. Located less than thirty minutes from our cozy little Kabin nests, L’Archipel is the place of choice before or after your Kabin Sutton escape.

406 Principale Street, Cowansville




In winter, Sutton is simply magical. Inviting, friendly, and warm, it is the perfect place to enjoy the joys of winter. KABIN Sutton invites you to enjoy this neck of the woods by visiting these top spots.


The Round-top Trail is a must for snowshoeing or hiking enthusiasts. Tourism Eastern Townships describes the trail as "the backbone of Sutton’s natural park environment." Once at the top, there is a majestic backdrop where Lake Champlain rubs shoulders with the Monteregian hills and the St. Lawrence plain. For those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of daily living, there is nothing better than the Round-top. Since the trail is located near KABIN Sutton, we recommend a morning hike to the Round-top, followed by a relaxing spa on the terrace of your SHAK!

Parc Sutton

A unique experience at Mont Sutton

Whether snowboarder, skier or avid telemarker, Mont Sutton draws in snow lovers and outdoor enthusiasts with its glade off trails and memorable slopes. Head to the summit in seal skins or snowshoes, for a descent on skis or snowboard. What a max calorie burn!
Mont Sutton must be experienced at least once in your life so to benefit from the well-being that comes from this mountain; whether for its forest trails, hot chilli at the rustic chalet ALT 840 m, or for the friendly staff that will have you wanting to invite them all to dinner.

Mont Sutton

Snowshoeing, cross country skiing, fat bike: a sportsman's paradise

The Plein Air Sutton team frequently organizes snowshoe outings, cross-country skiing, Nordic skiing, and fat biking - both for beginners and experts. Rental equipment is available for those in need. We love the full moon walk unique activity, where it is easy to take in and admire the nature wonders of Sutton. We encourage you to visit their website and their Facebook page to keep abreast of snow conditions and available trails during your stay with us.

Plein Air Sutton

Looking for something new to try? Go to CINETIK to rent a pair of ski-snowshoes!


Hungry and Thirsty?

Whether for après ski, for a tête-à-tête or a tasty family brunch, Sutton’s restaurants and microbreweries are sure to please the foodie connoisseurs and hop lovers.

Start the day at the Cafetier for a hearty breakfast and a great cup of coffee.

Got a sweet tooth? Chocolaterie Muriel’s chocolates will seduce your taste buds.

A passion for of tea? Le Comptoir du marchand de thé offers a wide range of specialty teas to enjoy on site or as take-out.

Hops flow freely through our village of 4000 inhabitants. Indeed, two microbreweries are making some noise in the medias and on the beer scene with their divine beers.

In addition to the locally-produced beers, the Sutton Brouërie offers over twenty types of beers, a variety of ciders and kombucha- all from microbreweries across Quebec and meals carefully prepared with local produce. All KABIN Sutton guests receive a discount at the L’Abordage Microbrasserie, one of our favourite spots. The owners Cédrik Dion-Poitras and Dominique Miville-Deschênes are lovely souls. And you can feel it in the place. Perfect for a relaxed good time, a couple of laughs with fish and chips and an excellent pint of beer. You will feel right at home when visiting this microbrewery.

The choice of activities is certainly not lacking in Sutton. A safe bet that Sutton will become your favourite town for your next winter getaway!

- JANUARY 2017 -


At KABIN, we love spas so much, we designed each of our SHAKs with a private outdoor hot tub over-looking Sutton’s amazing nature scenery. Our clients thoroughly enjoy these hot tubs all year round. However, if you are looking to take it a step further, and enjoy a full spa thermal experience, a massage, or other personalized treatments, here are our favourite spots in the region.


We love the BALNEA spa for many reasons: its spectacular view of Lake Gale, its LUMAMI restaurant which offers fine seasonal cuisine, its in-spa cinema, their Summer of Chefs event, yoga and paddle surfing, and nearby hiking trails. In short, this place offers a multisensory experience that is good for the soul. Located in Bromont, the spa is only about twenty minutes from KABIN Sutton!


Spa Eastman

Founded in the 1970s, the Eastman Spa continues to innovate and position itself among the best spas in North America. We love this spa for its view of Mount Orford, its calendar of activities filled with workshops, conferences, and fitness sessions, not to mention its Neurospa, an energizing nap station that reduces stress and anxiety.


Spa Nordic Station

Located in Magog, the Nordic Station is known for its rustic design, while still appealing to its customers expectations. New additions of the Russian Banya and the Crypt Steam, help release toxins and “get the bad out”. This spa’s visitors go for its intimate and warm atmosphere —and go back without hesitation.



Already very popular in the greater Montreal area, STRØM has a new address in Sherbrooke. Located on the shores of Lac des Nations, this spa not only offers thermal experiences and massages, but also gourmet packages that include wine and cheese tasting or chocolate fondue and Porto.


Spa Bolton

Located at the foot of the Missisquoi River Falls, this idyllic site combines nature, hot tubs, and saunas, all in one spot. A dream destination to escape daily life. Not far from Mount Sutton, a perfect way to relax your muscles after a day on the slopes! Interestingly, fans of the Habs will be delighted to learn that this spa was founded in memory of Claude Provost, winner of nine Stanley Cups!


If you would like to learn more about other key spots to visit during your stay at KABIN Sutton, do not hesitate to contact us, it will be our pleasure to help you!

- DECEMBER 2016 -


When we think about holiday shopping, a few words come to mind; chaos, headaches, and crowded shopping malls! Are you lacking inspiration on what great gifts to slip under the tree? Well, not to worry, we've got it all covered...how about holiday shopping in the Eastern Townships?


Based in Sutton, Julie André excels in the Shibori technique. A Japanese technique of fabric shaped-resist dyeing.

Inspired by nature, Julie André's creations combine her keen know-how and ecological awareness with quality materials such as; silk, cotton, and linen, as well as classical and vibrant colors.

You can easily purchase items such as; scarves and cushions via InfuseTextile's online boutique, but we highly encourage you to visit Julie André's charming workshop located on Pine Street.

6-C, Pine Street, Sutton



Instead of buying the classic box of "After Eight" or "Ferrero Rocher" chocolates, how about a stop off at Norka Muriel's chocolate factory? Your taste buds will surely be enticed with its chocolate delights. You will be thrilled with their perfect little gift boxes for those with a sweet tooth! And during your stay in Sutton, why not head to Norka Muriel's chocolate factory to treat yourself to one of their excellent hot chocolates. Perfect to warm your insides after a long day of skiing or a walk in the village.

8, Main Street, Sutton


Inspired by modern, scandinavian and vintage design, Josée-Mélanie Lupien crafts bed spreads, cushions, and throws in vibrant colors, that will delight anyone who wishes to add a bit of punch to their decor.

An interesting addition, the artist also offers various courses and events such as; sewing classes and how-to workshops on quilting and embroidery.

15 Pleasant Street, Sutton



Considered one of the softest natural fibers in the world, alpaca fiber has several exceptional qualities. Hypoallergenic and soft, this fabric does not irritate the skin much like the traditional sheep's wool. It also keeps heat in and keeps dampness away in cold weather. It's the perfect gift for chasing the winter blues away! The Alpagas workshop is so enchanting, we are certain you will fall in love with the place, the alpacas, as well as with all the items offered in the shop!

1474 Macey Road, Sutton



Located in the heart of the village of Sutton, the Ariane Marois jeweler welcomes you into her studio- boutique, where you are privy to watch the artist sawing, filing, polishing and hammering materials to create unique, timeless pieces. This is the perfect gift for those who wish to offer a gift that is sure to be a memorable one.

3 Main Street North, Sutton



In his pretty studio located in Bromont, designer Maude Rondeau is all the rage with his personalized industrial and contemporary lighting. In addition to private homes − restaurants, offices, boutiques and museums are madly pulling Maude's designs off the shelves to embellish their workspaces, dining rooms, and workshops, so to create a warm and unique atmosphere. Available in several colors and materials, it is easy to make an informed personal choice.

We love her designs so much love that we would love to buy everything in the catalog!

212, route Pierre Laporte, Bromont


From all of us at the KABIN Sutton team, we wish you an excellent holiday season!

- NOVEMBER 2016 -


We at KABIN are avid beer lovers, with a weakness for local beers produced in our beautiful region of the Eastern Townships. Whether you prefer an IPA, a Stout, or a white beer, here are our top 5 microbreweries to visit in our neck of woods.


Deemed among the 100 best microbreweries in the world for a third consecutive year, the Dunham Brewery is a must. The team cultivates a boundless passion for the creation of quality beers aimed to stimulate your senses.

For lunch or dinner, visit the Table Fermière, the restaurant adjacent to the brewery. Fans of locally grown organic food will be thrilled with Luc Picard’s menu.

Dunham is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most beautiful towns in the region. So, be sure to stop off at the Brasserie to savor their draught beers.

3809 Principale Street, Dunham

Brasserie Dunham


Founded in 2012, Martin Proulx, Éric Lefrançois, Jeff Stinco and Nicolas Robillard. collaborated with master brewer Jean-François Théoret to produce a range of high caliber beers.

Looking to enjoy a cold one along your journey in the Townships, visit Edgar Hyperlodge to sample their beer, brewed right onsite. The food is excellent and the fries are enough to make you drool with happiness!

92, Bromont Boulevard, Bromont

Les Brasseurs de West Shefford


The Farnham Ale & Lager pub is a must stop, if you are passing through Farnham. This microbrewery has won several prestigious awards since its start in the fall of 2013.

Open Thursday to Sunday, the pub is perfect following your day’s activities in this charming town. Whether you are coming down from your parachute descent or by the incredible wine tasting at Les Pervenches vineyard, FARNHAM ALE & LAGER is the spot.

401, Normandie Boulevard North, Farnham

Farnham Ale & Lager


Situated just minutes from KABIN, À l’Abordage microbrewery is an excellent destination to take in the vibe of Sutton. Whether for Happy Hour, for a romantic evening, or to enjoy an après-ski, visitors return again and again for its friendliness, service, generous meals, and of course its beers — like the Captain Hook, a stout which will capsize your heart!

10 Main Street South, Sutton

Microbrasserie À L'Abordage


A refined menu, beer like the nectar of gods enough to have you fall off your chair, and a great terrace, this Auberge has people talking and with good reason. Sutton can now boast that it has two quality microbreweries sure to attract the biggest of beer fans in the province and beyond!

27 Main Street South, Sutton

Auberge Sutton Brouërie


If you wish to indulge yourself in this region’s local beer tasting, LA ROUTE DES BIÈRES is ready for you! For a six-hour tour, you will visit four select microbreweries’ brewing facilities, along with beer sampling.

Pleasure is guaranteed!


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